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Franklin Eye Exam

Our main objective is to satisfy our patient’s needs. The first step to obtain the satisfaction is to perform a detail eye exam by our Optometrists which doesn’t only focus on the visual needs but to detect certain defects and other pathologies in the retina.

We make the best effort to obtain the most detail and exact diagnostic for you.

Most Popular lenses

  • 15441 azul puma frontal

    15441 Puma Blue Eyeglasses

  • 5121 Rayban frontal

    5121 Ray Ban Black Eyeglasses

  • 8048 OAKLEY frontal

    8048 Oakley Black Eyeglasses

  • 15441 puma frontal

    15441 Puma black with Grey Eyeglasses

  • RB3025 Solar Frontal

    3025 Mirror RayBan Green Sunglasses

  • 15353 puma frontal

    15335 Puma Bronze Eyeglasses

  • 7021 Rayban frontal

    7021 Ray ban Matthew Black Eyeglasses

  • 5514 Frontal

    5514 Carrera Blue Eyeglasses

  • NK4260 frontal

    4260 Nike brown eyeglasses

  • 6030 Carrera frontal

    6630 Carrera Blue Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a necessity that goes well with fashion, quality solar lens protects against harmful ultraviolet or UV rays. Always acquire solar lenses from recognized brands that have UV filter or even the best choice today which are Polarized lenses, including sunscreen as well as protecting against UV light reflections eliminated so annoying when driving or playing sports . A good sun protection for your eyesight will give rest to your eyes and avoid future diseases such as cataracts.

Ophtalmic Frames

Ophthalmic frames besides being the instrument that holds the prescription lenses in our face to let us see properly are also made to look good, a frame according to our face shape, skin color and type of clothing is our presentation card to the world, there are ophthalmic frames in various styles and materials. Always choose frames that will fit your needs .

Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses are most important to our vision, a good eye exam done by a professional optometrist in conjunction with the best prescription lens is the key to look good. In Franklin Optical we have the best Optometrists and the best materials, we are at the forefront of lens technology and we have the best market suppliers.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the ideal partner for ophthalmic frames, a contact lens allows us to continue seeing good when we want rest from the frames or just when we have a special event, practice sports or just when our taste or lifestyle prefer contact lenses. Today contact lenses are made of materials that allow permeability and comfort well suited to our eyes.